Rodgers Group Investigations DBA

Rodgers Group Investigations DBA is a Private Detective Agency licensed and insured in the State of New Jersey. Our investigative team is led by Lt. Colonel Frank E. Rodgers (Ret.) who formerly commanded all investigations conducted by the New Jersey State Police.. His experience in leading the State Police’s investigative efforts and his contemporary contacts, provide our clients with access to the information they need. Gathering information ethically and legally from our professional resources and by employing the most current and sophisticated investigative techniques, we get you the information you need quickly, accurately and with complete discretion. Every assignment executed by Rodgers Group Investigations (dba) is custom tailored to meet your objectives by experienced professionals who recognize their responsibilities to our clients.

  • Fact Gathering and Verification
  • Surveillance
  • Forensic Computer Examinations
  • Electronic Counter Measures
  • Prepare questions for deposition or trial examination.
  • Prepare interrogatories and requests for production.
  • Witness Location and Credibility
  • Business Intelligence