Thomas P. Souchek

retired as the Director of New Jersey’s Fusion Center, the Regional Operations Intelligence Center (ROIC) in 2011 at the rank of Major after twenty-six years of service. While serving as the first enlisted member of the New Jersey State Police to hold the Director’s position, he was responsible for providing leadership, supervision, and direction for the members responsible for developing and delivering both intelligence and factual-based written, graphic, and geospatial products to the law enforcement community and their public and private sector partners.

Prior to this assignment, he served as the Executive Officer for the Field Operations and Administration Sections, and as the Commandant of the New Jersey State Police Academy. As Commandant, he developed, implemented, and measured training programs that covered such topics as police reform, the Federal Consent Decree, leadership, supervision, change management, hazing, ethics, and cultural awareness. A strong advocate of risk management, strategic planning, performance measurement, return on investment, and targeted training, he was critical in assisting the State Police meet and exceed the organizational goals set forth in the Consent Decree.

Major Souchek (Ret.) is a certified law enforcement instructor, and has lectured to state and local law enforcement officers at both the academy and post academy levels. He is also an adjunct professor for the Pennsylvania State University’s Justice and Safety Institute, where he has taught federal, state, county, and municipal officers from across the United States.

Major Souchek (Ret.) holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science from Richard Stockton State College, a Master’s degree in Education Administration and Supervision and a Human Resources Training and Development certificate from Seton Hall University. Souchek also graduated from the Northwestern University School of Police Staff & Command, and was honored with the Franklin M. Kreml Leadership Award.

To contact Tom Soucheck, please call our office at (732) 279-6657.