Salvatore Munafo

retired from the New Jersey State Police in 2015 after 26 years of service. While serving as the Commandant of the New Jersey State Police Academy, he was responsible for the development, delivery, oversight and management of all training within the Division of State Police. During his 13 year tenure at the New Jersey State Police Academy, he was assigned to leadership positions within the Law enforcement Science Unit, Research and Innovation Unit, Managerial Development Unit, and the Training Support Unit. Prior to his assignment to the Academy in 2003, he spent fifteen years within the organizations Field Operations Branch. Captain Munafo (ret.) has extensive experience in teaching, training development, needs assessments, leadership development, strategic planning, and in-service training. He effectively conducted analysis of training programs and completed training evaluations utilizing the “Seven Step Training Cycle” and the Return on Investment (ROI) process which led to the compliance of a Federal Consent Decree.

Prior to his assignment as the Commandant, he was assigned to the Training Support Unit where he was responsible for providing the support functions required to maintain the academy’s training capabilities and to assess and evaluate all authorized training programs. He was instrumental in developing needs assessments and data collection plans to successfully measure the implementation of training in the field, which lead to the compliance of a Federal Consent Decree.

During his tenure within the Law Enforcement Science Unit, he was directly responsible for the successful implementation and development of the Capstone Training Initiative, a cutting edge scenario-based training program designed to demonstrate the effectiveness of a 25 week long law enforcement training program. He was influential in the training and successful graduation of over 1,500 State Police Recruits from the 136th thru the 155th State Police Classes. He also served as Class Coordinator for the 136th State Police Class.

Captain Munafo (ret.) holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from Seton Hall University, and a Master’s degree in Human Resources Training and Development from Seton Hall University.