Richard Laverty

Richard Laverty retired from the New Jersey State Police in 2020 after 25 years of distinguished service.  He culminated his career assigned as the Deputy Branch Commander of the State Police Investigations Branch.  While serving in that assignment, Mr. Laverty exercised oversight of all investigations performed by the Intelligence and Special Investigations Sections, as well as functions of the state’s nationally recognized accredited forensic laboratories.  This included oversight over all State Police investigations to include, but not limited to casino gambling, cyber-crime, violent and organized crime, terrorism and financial crimes.  During his tenure, Mr. Laverty authored an extensive proposal to significantly restructure the entire Investigations Branch.  This approved proposal was successfully implemented, and was with the objective to more closely align with the Attorney General’s priorities, and to better serve and protect the citizenry of New Jersey. 

Prior to that assignment, Mr. Laverty served as the Director of the Regional Operations & Intelligence Center (ROIC), which is New Jersey’s State and Local Fusion Center.  The ROIC is an all threats, all crimes, all hazards fusion center that has over 200 members assigned from federal, state, local law enforcement, emergency management and homeland security agencies.  During this assignment, Mr. Laverty guided the implementation of the nationally recognized NJ Drug Monitoring Initiative, and the NJ Cybersecurity Communications and Integration Cell (NJCCIC).  He also worked to expand the ROIC’s mission and footprint by opening the Real Time Crime Centers in north and south New Jersey. 

Leading up to his role as Director of the ROIC, Major Laverty (Ret.) served as the Troop C and Troop A Commander, which is the uniform operational component of the State Police. In this role, Mr. Laverty implemented a formal Field Intelligence Officer Program that opened an untapped source of information and intelligence sharing from the operational and investigative field.  This process continues to produce information sharing success stories throughout the region.  During his career, Mr. Laverty also served as an academy instructor where he developed and delivered organizational leadership courses, specifically dealing with constitutional issues, leadership, cultural awareness, police ethics and strategic planning.  Mr. Laverty also served substantial time assigned to the Office of Labor Relations, where he served in a human resources capacity, as the agency’s representative for dispute management. 

Rich holds a Master’s Degree (MA) in Education, Supervision Administration & Supervision from Seton Hall University, and a Bachelor of Science Degree (BS) in Criminal Justice from Northeastern University.  Mr. Laverty also received a Certified Public Manger (CPM) certification from Fairleigh Dickinson University, and serves as an adjunct professor for Penn State University’s Justice and Safety Institute. 

To contact Mr. Laverty, please call our office at (732)279-6657.