Dan Walsh

retired from the New Jersey State Police at the rank of Lieutenant in 2008 after a distinguished career spanning 29 years. He began his law enforcement career as a general patrol trooper in Southern New Jersey and served many years in several specialized investigative units tasked with protecting the New Jersey gaming industry in Atlantic City.
Upon his promotion to lieutenant he was transferred to the organizations Office of Professional Standards where he served as a Staff Inspector and Investigator. During this time he was responsible for conducting internal investigations into allegations of misconduct, specifically excessive use of force and false arrest allegations. He was also responsible for conducting facility and personnel inspections to ensure compliance with Federal and State policies, Division S.O.P.’s and Rules and Regulations.

In 2006, Lt. Walsh was assigned as a core group member of the Division’s CALEA National Accreditation project. During his tenure in this assignment he was responsible for researching, writing and revising all of the Division’s policy to meet the criteria mandated by the C.A.L.E.A. standards. He was directly responsible for developing the agency’s evidence audit process and maintaining the Division’s accreditation filing system. As a direct result of his efforts, the New Jersey State Police was awarded CALEA National Accreditation in half of the amount of time required by most agencies that successfully attain that recognition.

After completing his assignment as a member of the agency’s CALEA Core Group, Lt. Walsh served as the unit head of the Division’s Civil Proceedings Unit. In this role he supervised all of the organizations personnel and assets responsible for risk management, civil litigation and the processing of all requests for information submitted to the Division under the Open Public Records Act (OPRA).

During his career, Lt. Walsh received hundreds of hours of focused and specialized training in executive leadership, management and various criminal investigative topics. In November 2008, he received the “Attorney General’s Award” for his distinguished performance in leading the New Jersey State Police’s Accreditation Team which resulted in the New Jersey State Police becoming one of only eleven (11) CALEA Nationally Accredited Agencies in New Jersey.

To contact Dan Walsh, please call our office at (732) 279-6657.